Stay at our English Hospitality Coastal Accomodation In Southport, NC

Enjoy our English hospitality at our coastal accomodation. Sinderellas Rockefellas Coastal Accommodations & Bridal Boutique is one of the most unique small luxury accommodations in the Southport, NC area. This property is fully a hidden gem. We offer a charming, English experience that will really help you relax and enjoy your getaway. Our hosts are originally from the UK, and aim to recreate the English hospitality experience. Enjoy a delicious English breakfast, amazing staff, and beautifully sanitized suite. Call now to book your stay!

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Enjoy a Range of Typical English Treats

Our English experience coastal accomodations gives you the opportunity to try many foods that are of the English heritage, including:


  • A full English breakfast made with English Bangers, English Bacon and English Crumpets
  • English Biscuits including Digestives, Custard Cream, Hob Nobs, Jammie Dodgers and Jaffa Cakes
  • English Coffee, Tea and Biscuits are available 24/7 with our compliments

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Enjoy the unique English hospitality experience! Call Sinderellas Rockefellas Coastal Accommodations & Bridal Boutique today to book your room. See what one of the best coastal accomodations in the Southport, NC area has to offer.

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Headquarters of the Brunswick British Club (BBC)

 Events are being planned weekly. Call us today for more information.

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